Monday, March 8, 2010

Running on the Potomac

Found a new place to run by the river.

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Below Glen Echo Park there are what I see as two spear head shaped islands. There is a parking lot right above that location across the street from a little white house on the corner of Walhonding and MacArthur Blvd. I get to the river from there.

Running next to the river reminded me of growing up by the James River in Richmond Virginia.

What I notice now but didn't then are the trails animals leave off the beaten path. These trails are hard to find in the late spring and summer because of all the foliage, but in the winter especially if the ground is soft,they are easy to follow. All you gotta look for is the path of least resistance. Sounds Cliche, I know; but think about it. Animals don't go out of there way to move hard. That's what I got to thinking about when I was running on the Potomac. Every time I would lose the trail I would look for the easiest way to continue moving in the direction I was moving and sure enough I would find the trail. Like I said the trail was easy to see in the soft ground, every step left a track. Zoom in on the land between the water and the footpath... you might find some of these trails.

Anyway it got me thinking about onlyIFITseasy as a path of least resistance.

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