Saturday, April 10, 2010

graffiti under 495

I ran into this graffiti last Friday.

Next time you drive over
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This is whats going on below you.

It was a great run. Here's what I took from it.

Running Tips
1.Lean forward into the air. Imagine moving forward in a pool of water. The water takes some of your weight. Air does the same thing, just harder to notice. Requires good relationship with the structure of your middle.
2. Release to the rear. With body moving forward release tension to the rear of your stride. Let ankle and foot relax on their way from the back of your stride to the front.
3. Moving over uneven terrain is easier with knee close together....more stable.
4. Moving with knees and feet closer together means less chance of rolling ankle.
5. After running at higher intensity take moment to release heat build up. This is easily done by lifting chest up, breathing in big, tilting head back and breathing out with mouth wide open. Use abs to push hot old air out of body. Do this a couple of time until you recognize increase saliva and then go back to normal. This can be done while jogging.

1. Running after a rain storm means all track on the ground in front of your are fresh.
2. Leaves on the trees means good cover for animals. Place added emphasis on hearing to be aware of what is going on around you.

Training ideas
1. Upright abs training. kneeling on blocks. chest high, back long. Middle=even on all side. Inhale down, lengthen spine up. Apply resistance from any direction. Possible training tools are.....stretching cords and bands.......hands and arms can increase or decrease force angle......weight bar can influence distance from axis of rotation.
2. Squats,knees how arch of feet natural flatten.....explain that flat feet are not flawed feet......
3. increase intensity to then train hot air release technique.


  1. what incredible graffiti! - and great quality photos. I also love your blog background image, and the general layout. great job.

  2. Are you ever going to write another blog post?!?

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