Saturday, October 17, 2009


Can you put your socks on standing up? If not you have a balance practice available to you every morning. Its easy.

1. Stand up.
2. Align your feet hip width apart and parallel to each other.
3. Push into the fat pads of your big toe on each foot.
4. Push into the outside of each foot.
5. Find the middle between the outter extreme and the inner extreme of each foot.
6. Lift you left knee while pushing down into your right foot.
7. Put your sock on.
8. Repeat.

At first this will seem like a pain in the ass. Seven steps to put your socks on is a lot. It doesn't matter. If you make an effort to engage in this easy practice you will increase your balance and learn a little bit about you feet. Remember 26 bones, 33 joints and over a hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Use them and you will be rewarded.

Its also nice to know that before you have even started your day you have done something good for your self that will benefit you well into you 90s.

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