Monday, October 12, 2009

Can Redskin Fans help the team in any way?

Washington Redskins Fans are stuck.

Owner Dan Snyder continues to make money hand over fist from the Redskins. This means that no matter how bad the team is, it is still in his best interest to remain the owner.

Since Snyder became owner he has gone through 6 coaches. The current and seventh Coach, Jim Zorn, was Snyder's personal choice.

Zorn, like the coaches before him, even Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs, can't keep the team winning. Every game is plagued with the strangest of mishaps. Strange sequences of events that can't be explained or blamed on anything in particular.

The reason the Redskins can't be fixed by a new player, a new coach, or a new O-Line, is because the problem isn't tangible. It's the kind of problem a girl is having when she says, "why do I always attract guys that cheat on me" or when a guy says "I don't understand why I always end up in the friend zone."

Dan Snyder is in the same situation,"why does my team keep losing."

So when someone asks you what should be done about the Redskins, think back to the last time a girl or a probably slightly over-weight guy asked you for relationship advice. See if your answer can translate into advice for Dan Snyder and send him a letter, because regardless of the money he spends and the Hall of Fame coaches he hires: until he sees the light the Redskins will continue to lose.

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