Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Dan Snyder

Hey Dan, I saw you last night hunched over the table in your owners box. You looked pretty sad and for the first time I empathized with you. You see I know what it feels like to lose faith in your decision making ability. I know what it feels like to doubt your ability to move forward. You, like the rest of us, are mired in what I like to sum up as Doubt, Worry, and Fear. Here's how it works.

Its third and five. The play comes in and the team addresses the ball. The QB comes under center and the fans hold there breath. In the split second before the ball is snapped, doubt worry and fear take hold.

The fans, the team, everybody, doubts that we will get the first down. We worry that this will always be the case and we fear that nothing will ever change.

Below is Proof that the entire team is stuck in this situation,

-Rabach screwing up the snap on the one yard line.
-Randle El muffing the punt
-Wilson not seeing the fumbled ball as it rolled right between his feet

Things like this are not causing us to be bad, they are symptoms of a doubt worry and fear mindset.

You cannot address these issues with data or personal. To address these issues you must address the mindset of doubt, worry, and fear. How do you address a doubt worry and fear mindset?

For me when I get myself stuck in doubt worry and fear I create control in things I can control. For example; I make sure I make my bed every day, I shave every morning, I smile at people in the elevator and say hello, I open the door for people behind me and never litter. I build a platform for the future, instead of trying to control it.

For you Dan, the controls you can control are going to be bigger, but they follow the same premise.

1. You have got to start treating the people under you with greater care. Each member of your organization impacts the success of the team. I have heard about how you treat "the little people" in your organization and I can tell you from my experience as a soldier in Iraq, the "little People" are the ones that you need to show the most respect too.

2. Going to Fed Ex field is not fun. I understand that you are trying to make things more efficient.....but by making things so structured you are denying fan autonomy. Fedex could be a Mecca, but it must come from the fans, not the owner.

3. You must develop an understanding of the difference between intelligence and wisdom. The story of the turtle and the hair is a good place to start.

4. Credit goes to Lavar Arrington for this... you must create a practice field at Fed Ex. Fedex should be home, not just a field of battle. Players should feel comfortable seeing the stadium at rest as well as in action.

The Redskins are a living breathing changing thing that starts and ends with you. Every aspect of the team, the players, the fans, the front office, the media, any time the name Redskin gets used, impacts the team.

I talked to a Philipino woman today in the Parking lot of a RitAid. Her car had the Skins flag flying and team emblems everywhere. She became a Skins fan when she and her husband immigrated to the States in 1992. We both agreed that the team was pretty bad. She mentioned that she had heard people say that you were a really bad owner. I said I had heard that too. The conversation ended with both of us agreeing that it didn't really matter how bad the team was we where going to be Skins fans for the rest of our lives.

I know you love the Skins. I know you wanna win. I also know that you are a young guy with many years left as our owner. Use this opportunity to surprise us. You have the power to create a platform for the future.

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