Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can't Help But Notice A Resemblance.

At the movies on Saturday I noticed this video playing in the lobby of the Mazza Gallery. The commercial also played before the movie started. I noticed a similarity in the tone of the music to former Soviet Block military songs.

One way to hear the similarities is to listen to each video 10 seconds at a time. Just switch back and forth between play buttons......technology will do the rest.
You can also press play on both videos at the same time. You may notice that the two sounds are almost indistinguishable.

What do you think caused the the National Guard to use this type of sound in their commercial?

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  1. What an astute observation, Ben. This is a fascinating study of how wartime propaganda is as old as warfare. Appealing to people's emotions (fear, pride, patriotism) and forcing them to examine their own attributes (honor, responsiblity, character) are reliable ways to get people to support an idea, even one as complex as war. The National Guard's ad agency would have focus-grouped this creative, and determined that people were inspired and motivated by the feelings it generated. -L