Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Redskins must be Careful

The Washington Redskins must be careful. Slowly but surely the fire is going out. For the fans this is catastrophic. Its hard to be devoted to something you can't see.

The fire goes out of any entity, whether it be a team,or an individual, when there is no longer a will to fight. On a team this happens when more people than not give up. For an individual its when there is despair and no hope for the future.

The Redskins behavior has shown that things are bad. The incident on the Falcons sideline with Hall and Landry show just how bad. Any team that hesitates to support their own is well on its way to darkness.

Jason Campbell's ability to remain responsive to questions from the media gives me hope. He is still fighting, although every time he gets a little banged up he starts rolling around on the field, his face in agony. Let me just say from experience........when you are a leader.......in front of those you led........ it behooves you to keep your emotions in check . Campbell seems to be able to do this in interviews but on the field of play he shows too much of his pain.

If I had to give Campbell advice I'd say to him. "As a leader you don't feel pain during the battle. If you do, your men will fear for you and your opponents will smell blood. Football is a game of emotion. During the battle your emotion is your light, your fight, your weapon, and your greatest weakness. You must protect it."

This why the emotions surrounding the team are in such peril. So much is stacked against the organization, but for the time being the team is still trying. There is still room to blame things other than the players themselves. However, if the light goes out on the field, if everything becomes too much to bear, if Campbell stops answering question with hope for the future, darkness could come.

Anyone who has ever been camping can tell you, it's a lot easier to get a fire going from smoldering embers than it is to Create a new one.

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