Monday, November 2, 2009


I was several months into my deployment when I met Mostafa. Below is a video from that day. Mostafa is the young man who speaks english.

Mostafa and I have since become even better friends over email. After the two car bombs in Baghdad last week I received this email from him.

"Well my family are okay I was alone in the hotel where I stay up with my friends in one of the clubs and stay late and it was dangerous to drive to the house because the road was dark and empty I spent the night in the hotel and it happened

Has been moved all the wounded and I am one to hospital and one was close to the area and the number of wounded more than 700 hospital did not accommodate so many more wounded and they put them outside the hospital, lying on the ground and remained in this case nearly four hours unconscious and then took me and gave mei oxygen and conducted the surgery and then somebody came and took me out side the hospital he put on a chair outside and then when I woke up I called my friend and he came and took me home

Please do not think about me you are sick now, I'm now fine and my doctor comes every day to check on

You will not believe what I saw on that day there have been many explosions near me but I did not see such a bloody scene which I saw on Sunday was near the explosion destroyed the custody of children and children have died within more than 30 children and while they were searching the rubble and found a girl child separated from body

And also see signed by a concrete barrier led to the dismemberment of his head completely, I wonder how a person who carried out this terrorist operation to sleep for the killing of these children, and people do not know what to call them for what they are doing all this? Who is the beneficiary of all this blood"

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