Monday, November 16, 2009

The little Redskins fan and The Denver Broncos hat

The little kid sat next to me on his older brothers lap during the game. The guy in the Denver Jersey sat directly behind me. How they ended up in this picture with the little kid wearing the Denver fans' well worn, prized, hat is an interesting story.

Things didn't start well for the Redskins, they seldom do, but this beginning was particularly bad. In the first quarter the Redskins secondary (the last level of defense) got burned for two touchdowns. Sitting next to me during this travesty was this little guy. His brother had taught him to boo Denver and the Denver fans relentlessly. So even as all seemed lost the little guy was screaming at the top of his little lunges, BRONCOS ARE POO. POOPY BRONCOS.

In the beginning, the Broncos fan seated directly behind us was living the high life. He was cheering and laughing....... having a good old time. Even the little guy couldn't compete with the dismal play of the Redskins and the joy of the Denver fans.

Well the Skins didn't give up and good things started to happen. At one point the Denver fan says to the little guy. "There is no way you are going to beat us, but if you do I'll give you my hat."

In the fourth quarter, the Broncos where down by two scores. With 2 minutes to go the Broncos were screwed and the Redskins looked like they were going to beat a good team by more than the skin of their teeth. When it looked like the game was over, the older brother gather up the little guy and pronounced that they had to go. The Broncos fan then stood up and offered his hat to the little guy. The older brother said no to worry about it, but the Broncos fan said a deal was a deal. I got them to compromise by taking the picture that you see above.

So little Skins fan, the picture above is proof that you won the bet and that the Denver fan was cool enough to honor it.

Hail to the Redskins

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